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Free Game

Free Printable Kissing Game!

The Kissing Game is a simple yet sensual love card game for couples that will encourage you and your lover to explore many body parts through the magic of Kiss.

--- Download the FREE Kissing Game --- 

 Simple and Fun kissing game for you and your special one

The game includes a downloadable PDF file that includes a rulebook, 20 cards with body parts and 10 Blank cards that you can fill in yourself.

Simple Rules, Great Fun:

  1. Draw a random card (which have a body part written on it)
  2. Kiss this body part of your partner
  3. Switch – your partner draws a card and kisses you
  4. Enjoy, kiss and be happy 

How to use it:

- Click on the link and download the file
- Print out the pages with cards (recommended size – A4/Letter)
- Cut the cards by the cut marks
- Mix the cards in random order
- If you like - fill in the blank cards
- Play and Enjoy


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