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Free Travel Checklists

For Your Wild and Romantic Adventures!

Do you want your adventures, couple retreats and other journeys to be amazing? 

Have you ever planned your travel ahead, so you would see every landmark, go to every activity and basically manage to do all the things?

These travel checklists (or travel mini planners, if you like) might help you with planning and show you brand new travelling ideas!

And yes - they are completely FREE! 

If you like the Free versions and want them to be printed in a professional way - with professional grade printing marks, cover pictures and without branding - you can buy the Premium versions in the Printable Travel Section.


The General Checklist 
Can be used for almost any Traveling Endeavour

Travel Checklists for Couples

--- Download The General Checklist ---


The Romantic Getaway Checklist 
Want to have a nice and romantic retreat with your honey? This could give you some ideas

Joyful Couple's Travel Checklists

--- Download the Romantic Getaway Checklist ---


The Budget Checklist
All Travels cost at least something and with this checklist you will be able to spend your money more wise

Travel Checklists for Traveling as a Couple

--- Download the Budget Checklist ---

How to use the checklists:

- Click the links and download the checklist(-s) you like
- Print out the checklist (recommended size – A4/Letter; color print)
- Fold the checklist in half
- Write anything you like on the blank side
- Fill it out and have fun


Find Premium Versions and other Checklists Here

What will you get in each of Premium version:

1. Removed Branding

2. Cover for each checklist for a Premium Look

3. 3 Files + Printing Instructions
   - 1 File you can print yourself
   - 1 File that is ready for Professional Letter Size Prints 
   - 1 File that is ready for Professional A4 Size Prints 


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