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FAQ and Other

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Returns

Shipping Time?

For U.S. and Canada - generally to US the items ships in 7-10 days, but it may take up to 4 weeks. In case you have not received your purchased item within 4 weeks, please, contact us

For EU - to EU countries generally the item ships within 1-2 weeks. If you have not received your purchased item within 2 weeks, please, contact us

Other countries - the delivery to countries other to EU and US takes up to 4 weeks. In case you have not received your purchased item within 4 weeks, please, contact us

Shipping Cost?

Usual shipping price is between 3.00 to 6.00 USD per order.

-To see the precise shipping cost, please, see the price during checkout.
-Occasionally we provide special offers that provide free worldwide shipping

Handling - How long does it take?

We do the handling of your orders within 3 working days, but usually the order is shipped within 1 working day.

Do you accept returns?

For physical products: if you received a damaged product, of course you may return it! If you have a complaint or you wish to return an item, please, contact us at
If you wish to see more details about returning an item, see the next question.

For digital products: We cannot accepct returns or issue refunds for digital products such as PDF files.

How do I return an item?

For a full refund you can return damaged or unsatisfactory items without a reason within 14 days of item receipt. You may return undamaged, like - brand new quality- products within 45 days. Contact us to start the process. Blind returns not accepted (fees for the return- shipping are not included). If your product arrived faulty or in inadequate condition, you are eligible for a refund, but you must provide a valid proof of such event.

*Refund is issued only after we receive the returned item back to us.

*For digital products: We cannot accepct returns or issue refunds for digital products such as PDF files.


How can I pay?

We accept payments with VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO cards and also payments with PayPal.

During the checkout you will be asked to provide necessary information and choose a payment method (CreditCard or Paypal).

In case you have issues with payments, please, contact us at

Can I cancel my order?

In case you have changed your mind or noticed a mistake in your order details, immediately contact us at

If the order is not yet shipped out, we can cancel it and issue a full refund. After that - unfortunatelly it is not possible to cancel.

What to do, if I cannot place a payment?

First, please, check, if you have filled in all of the necessary fields (name, phone, address, payment details etc.).

If everything is filled out, but there still seems to be a problem, please, contact us at We will gladly assist you..

Other Questions

How will I receive my digital file?

When you place your order you’ll get an email straight away, with a link for you to download your file. If you create an account on etsy you will be able to re-download   your file as many times you like. It is your responsibility to secure the purchased file on your own device to be able to use it repeatedly. ​

How do digital purchases work?

Digital files are sent to you as a PDF files that you can download to your computer. The benefit is that they’re instant gratification – so you could start enjoying it in minutes!

Why is the digital file not opening on my computer/phone?

Mobile - Sometimes the PDF files cannot be opened, saved and/or printed using some mobile devices. Some Apple mobile devices might require special apps that can be downloaded from the Apple or Android store. However, you can open the file on your computer, and then send the PDF files to your phone or table, which should work! ​

Computer - to open PDF files you need to have appropriate software installed. The most used software for PDF files is Adobe Reade. You can find and download it here

Can I sell or re-sell the products I printed?

You may use the files for your personal use. You may print them how many times you like, you may modify the prints, you may gift the files and/or prints. But you are NOT allowed to receive any kind of monetary reward from using our products.

Terms of use: The games are subject to the copyright protection rules and regulations.
Any reprinting, reproduction or distribution is prohibited.

EU TAX - what is it?

As of 1 January 2015 the European Union has introduced a new law, which means that EU customers of online digital products will be taxed based on when they live rather than where the seller lives. As a result, we legally have to charge you VAT based on your country. If you live outside EU - it does not apply to you.

Web Security and how do you store my information?

We never sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties, unless required to do so by law. The shop is Level 1 PCI DSS Certified through Bigcommerce, and we do not store any credit card information.

Wholesale and Partnership

For wholesale (50+ items) and/or partnership offers, please, contact us at

Who makes your products

Products that are labelled under our brand "Joyful Couple" are created and designed by us - SIA Joyful Couple. The printing is done by our partners.

All rights to Joyful Couple's games (such as, but not limited to Naughty Game, Kinky Game, Romantic Game, Kinky Challenges) belong to Joyful Couple.

My Question is not here. What now?

If you have a question that cannot be found here, please send us a message to Always happy to help!

We try to asnwer as quickly as possible

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